Summer Sixteen

By October 3, 2016Art

Other than photography, I absolutely love fine art such as painting and drawing. In high school, I used to draw everyday. Back then, it was mostly comic book characters, but my love for art translated well when I went to college. The first college I attended was Memphis College of Art and Design. I loved being around like minded individuals that enjoyed art just as much as me.

I’ve been wanting to explore digital art so I went out and got an iPad Pro this past weekend. I’ll have to do a full review of it later, but know that I love this thing! It is seriously the best tablet device I’ve ever used. Take a look at my first piece of digital art below!


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Rod Kirby is an American artist, film director, and photographer. He's produced marketing materials for small businesses, organizations, and corporations. He's also written, directed, and produced TV commercials, films, music videos, and more.

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